Image of article Nieuwe app voor de Salus iT500 e-thermostaat

Nieuwe app voor de Salus iT500 e-thermostaat

The popular iT500 internet thermostat has a new app. Is it any better?

Salus has launched a new app for our bestseller the Salus iT500 internet thermostat: the Salus iT500 Plus app. This is a completely new app and not an automatic update, which means you have to search for it in the app store and download it.

It's time to upgrade!

The Salus iT500 Internet thermostat is an excellent thermostat. It's competitively priced and the quality is fine. Salus gives even standard 5 year warranty on it. However, there are always areas for improvement. One was the app: it was old, did not have good, modern design and was not very user friendly. But all that is changing!

The new app, the "Salus iT500 Plus" has a completely different design than its predecessor. Virtually everything has changed. This app is ready for a new generation of users we think. Once you open the app you will immediately see a rotating slider, which allows you to easily adjust the temperature. Even its color changes from blue (low temperature) to red (high temperature). Additionally, the app has a black background, which contrasts very well with the color. The design reminds us of Apple's famous design: clear and simple!

Salus have outsourced the development of the app and it shows a smart move, as industrial companies do not often excel in graphic design.

So, what's new?

Of course, most of the functionality from the previous app is there. However, there are some small, but not insignificant added features.

  • Now you can easily adjust the temperature for an indefinite period. In the previous app (the Salus iT500), a manual adjustment was always overwritten if a new part of the day in the program began

  • Programming and changing your daily heating schedules is much easier in the new app. You can change the number of daily program periods – you are no longer restricted to the 6 fixed periods as in the previous app. Want less than six program periods, you can easily add or delete them.

  • The screen also displays the next day program period and when it will start.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, a number of less convenient steps are remained. So you'll have to log in and select your thermostat in the menu. In addition, also the translations into Dutch not super yet.

Salus promises to add some new features in the coming period via automatic software updates. We are curious what they are!

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